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Wash Masters: Polish & Detail You know all of those car cleaning things that you always consider doing, but you never do? Wash Masters can do those things for you. When creating our business, we aimed to offer full-service operations that covered every detail from hog washing to hand waxing. We wanted our services to have cars looking as close to brand-new as possible when leaving our care.

As you can see below, we provide a variety of polishing and detailing services…We will have your car shinier than ever once completing an Express Hand Wax.

We’ll also put your carpet through a deep cleanse. All sorts of dirt and debris build over time as you and others track in and out of your car. Unless you’re the exception, most people go years without having their carpets cleaned. One trip to Wash Masters and your carpet will be as fresh and clean as it’s been since you drove your car off the dealership lot.

For the same price as an Express Hand Wax and a Carpet Deep Cleanse, we’ll complete an Interior Super Clean. This includes conditioning and cleaning the vehicle dashboard, console, door panels and all crevices. Our services also consist of seat treatment. We’ll shampoo cloth seats and condition leather seats. Cleaning seats is a real task given the tricky materials; however, Wash Masters has a surefire way to clean them to near perfection.

Finally, our mini detail is practically an all-in-one package. This service includes a hand wax, carpet deep cleanse, interior super clean, seat cleaning and conditioning, and wheel deal. As we said, our goal is to cover all bases in cleaning vehicles. We provide customers the opportunity to undergo a vehicle transformation in one visit!

Please come and take advantage of our many cleaning services, including 7 polishing/detailing options.

Car polish Irving
Express Hand Wax


Precision-applied wax with hand buff

Carpet Deep Cleanse


Deep cleanse carpets & all mats

Carpet Deep Cleanse


Compressed air to vents, crevices, dash & doors Conditioner on dash, console & door panels

Seat Shampoo & Treatment


Shampoo cloth seats or clean & condition leather

Hand Wash

$40 and up

Hand wash, hand towel dry, & Hand tire shine

Premier Paint Sealant Wax


Silver wash included

Mini Detail


Ultimate Wash Included

Hand wax


Carpet deep cleanse (includes all mats)


Interior super clean


Clean & condition all seats


Wheel deal

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787 West I.H. 635
Irving, TX 75063
Office: 972-830-2081
Fax: 972-830-9968

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